Clever Woman Builds The Perfect Fence For Her Neighbor's Nosy Dog [Video]

What's the worst thing about dogs? I know, dog owners don't want to admit that their pets have any faults at all, but there is one that we can all recognize: sometimes they're too friendly.

Anyone who owns a German shepherd knows they're like four-legged kangaroos. They can jump high enough to touch the ceiling or, in Jennifer Bowman's case, high enough to look over her fence.

It seems like her neighbor's dog Penny just wanted to say hello to her dog Olive, but she had to go through a lot of trouble to do it. Luckily, Bowman thought up the perfect solution.

By just drilling 3 holes into her fence, Bowman made a perfect little "peekaboo" spot for Penny to greet her neighbor with.

She seems much happier with four feet on the ground, although all that jumping looked like a pretty good workout!

Jennifer Bowman

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