Clever Pup Walks Himself The Store, Buys His Own Bags Of Treats

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There is a friendly pup in Paraí, Brazil, who (according to most dogs) has likely figured out the greatest life hack a dog could ever dream up.

Most dogs know that the only way they're going to get treats is if they learn a new trick or look so adorably cute that their humans can't resist. But Pituco has figured out that there is a better, more lucrative way to get treats, and it doesn't involve rolling over.

Every day, Pituco the pup walks to the nearby veterinary clinic in his home town of Paraí, Brazil. The pet clinic, Agro Pet , is also a pet food and supply shop.

The owners recognize the jaunty little guy immediately and hand him a bag of goodies for him to take home. Pituco might think he's getting away with a steal, but the shop puts his "take-out" orders on a tab and the family later comes around to pay.

Pituco thinks he's industrious, but his family sometimes takes advantage of his 'delivery' services...

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