Put A Clothespin On Your Ear And You'll Feel Instant Relief

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3. Upper-middle part of the ear

YouTube/Abdul Hadi

If you experience stiffness and pain in the joints, simply use the clothespin to pinch the upper-middle part of the ear to get some relief.

4. Lower-middle part of the ear

Youtube/Abdul Hadi

This section of the ear is connected to the throat and sinuses. To get relief from stuffy noses and congestion, place the clothespin in this spot.

5. Slightly above the earlobe

YouTube/Abdul Hadi

Certain foods can be hard on the digestive system, so next time you feel uneasy after eating, or you're experiencing cramps, pinch the spot just above the earlobe and you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

6. The earlobe

YouTube/Abdul Hadi

The earlobe works with two of the most important organs in the body - the heart and the head. Apply pressure to it to relieve headaches, including migraines, and certain cardiovascular problems.

You can watch the video to better understand where the clothespin should be placed:

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