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7 Clothes That Are A Threat To Your Health


While some may live by the saying that there is no beauty without pain, I beg to differ. I love fashion and dressing up, but that doesn't mean that I have to sacrifice my comfort and well-being for it.

There are a lot of clothes and accessories we wear regularly that, unbeknownst to us, could have dangerous consequences on our health.

Here are seven clothing items that could actually be harming you:

1. Shapewear

Many women swear by the magical slimming powers of shapewear like Spanx. Even some of the world's biggest celebrities have admitted to wearing these special undergarments to smooth out their figures. However, there is a negative side to them that you may be unaware of.

The pressure that slimming underwear puts on the stomach area can actually lead to indigestion issues. Intragastic pressure is known to trigger acid reflux, which in turn causes heartburn and other complications. This is why is it often suggested that you wear loose fitting clothes during mealtime, especially if you plan on eating a large portion.

“It’s not a good idea to wear something tight to dinner particularly if it’s late," says Jamie Koufman, author of Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook And Cure.

2. Bras


Did you know that nearly 80 percent of women are still wearing ill-fitting bras? Unfortunately, you probably are too. You may not realize it now, but when you do find the right size after a professional fitting, you will notice a big difference in how you feel and look.

Aside from making you feel uncomfortable, wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause some serious health issues, including shoulder, chest and back pain, rashes, and heartburn.

Most lingerie retailers offer free bra fittings, so head into a store next time you're at the mall so a bra expert can help you find a bra with the proper support.

3. Skinny Jeans

As with most tight clothing, skinny jeans can often be restrictive. You're unable to perform certain movements when you're wearing a pair, and when you actually do succeed in moving freely, you risk a chance of injury.

“Even contorting your body to pull on tight clothing can cause you to tweak a muscle or pull your back," explains Tim Hutchful, a chiropractor with the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) told "And once on, tight jeans or a tight waistband can be rather like wrapping an elastic band around your finger – over time it reduces blood circulation and can make the area very sore."

More recently, doctors have also found that bending and squatting while wearing tight jeans have caused some people to experience compartment syndrome, a dangerous condition where the muscles and nerves swell up. If you tend of wear skinny jeans a lot, watch out for numbness and tingling in your legs, these are signs that your pants may be too tight.

4. Neck ties

Most people who regularly wear ties won't notice the negative effects right away, but overtime, the tight knot sitting against your neck can lead to circulation problems.

In a study published in the Stroke Research and Treatment journal, experts found changes in cerebrovascular reactivity related to wearing neck ties, which is a risk factor for a stroke.

The researchers concluded that while there isn't a significant increase in the risk of stroke in a healthy adult, the change could have a negative impact on men who have other underlying health issues.

5. Handbags

This one should come as a surprise to no one. Handbags have long been blamed for putting a strain on the body, especially the shoulders, neck and back. In addition to the pain, the sore muscles can lead to tension headaches overtime.

This is why health experts recommend using a supportive backpack with wide straps instead of the usual shoulder purse or crossbody bag. If you're not a fan of backpacks, Hutchful advises that you "don't overfill" your purse and to "regularly switch between hands or shoulders to balance the load to see if that helps."

6. High heels

High heels are synonymous with sexy, but they can also make you suffer from many unsexy health complications that lead to back, knee, hip and foot problems. Researchers at Stanford University found a link between high heels and an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

Heels, especially with pointed toes, can also cause painful bunions and hammertoes, which would eventually require surgery to fix.

“Our feet carry all of our weight and the shoes we choose have a lot to do with the way we walk and the pressure we put on the rest of the body," explains Hutchful. "Feet need a surface which allows them to bend, grip and roll as you walk, which is difficult to do when constantly wearing heels."

Experts recommend wearing high heels in moderation and when you do, make sure to carry a pair of flat shoes so you can give your joints a break throughout the day.

7. Thongs

For some absurd reason society frowns upon the display of pantylines, so women usually pair tighter skirts and pants, especially at the gym, with thongs. However, not only is it weird to feel like you have a wedgie the entire time, but thongs sometimes introduce unwanted bacteria to your nether regions, causing infections such as UTIs.

If you wear thongs during the day, it is recommended that you switch to cotton underpants as soon as you return home.

Do you regularly wear any of these items? Let us know!

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