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Coca-Cola Set To Release Its First Ever Alcoholic Drink

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Since 1886, Coca-Cola has been delighting people around the world with its undeniably addicting fizzy taste.

The company has gone through several changes in the past century, from re-branding to new flavors and everything in between, and the customers can't stop coming back for more.

Despite the steep competition from Pepsi and various no-name brands, Coke always comes out on top, but it's not without a significant amount of effort.

Despite the saying, if it's not broke don't fix it, the soft drink company hasn't stopped experimenting - and neither do consumers.

Coke products are often used as a chaser mixed in alcohol (rum and coke, vodka sprite, etc.), but the company has decided to cut out the middle man and do it all on their own.

What am I talking about? Well, Cola-Cola has announced it will soon begin to manufacture its own alcoholic beverage.

But before you wrap your head around it, be warned it comes with a catch.

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