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Coffee For Dogs Is now A Thing, But It's The Name That Has Everyone Confused

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A company is causing quite the stir with the introduction of a pet-friendly coffee, but it's the product's name which has everybody talking.

"Rooffee" is the brainchild of Shoo, a U.K.-based business, which specializes in all natural dog products including shampoo, conditioner, treats, and toys.

The product was announced by Shoo founder, Agota Jakutyte, in a press release on Oct. 25, advertising it as a non-caffeinated energy drink for all mammals.

The holistic solution, made up of roots from all natural herbs, is supposed to improve the digestive and immune systems, strengthen the heart and give both animals and humans a healthier and shinier skin and coat.  

With the rampant media attention recently centering around sexual assault, people are calling the company out for it's obvious marketing fail.

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