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Coffee In A Cone Is The Perfect Summer Treat

If you saw the whole world lose their minds over the Unicorn Frappucino but didn't sample it yourself, we have a new drink for you to try that's also making waves on social media. Coffee in a Cone is the creation of Dayne Levingrad, a coffee wizard who's traveled the world designing drinks for coffee shops from LA to Australia.

Levingrad's latest creations is a quirky combination that's part coffee, part ice cream, part chocolate and 100% delicious. And soon you can find out if this unusual drink tastes as good as it looks.


Levingrad's creation doesn't just look pretty, there's real science behind this unusual cup of Joe.

As you can guess, it wasn't easy to fill a leaky ice-cream cone with coffee. The Coffee in a Cone uses a special reinforced cone lined with 4 layers of chocolate. Each of the different layers also has a different percentage of cocoa and a unique taste.

Since the drink hit the market in Levingrad's home country of South Africa, it's been making waves on social media.

The drink's special recipe has been patented and sold to coffee shops around the world. Still, demand has been growing faster than the number of locations that serve this drink.


Before you wait in line to buy one of these you should know that there are still a few flaws in the design.

Levingrad says after the coffee is poured you only have about 3 minutes to drink it before the coffee melts through the cone. You also have to order a mixed drink, because regular coffee will burn through even faster.

Finally, unless you tilt the cone in just the right way you risk spilling hot coffee over your hand. I think I'll stick to enjoying this drink through social media!

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