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The Frozen Dead Guys Days Celebration Is Even Weirder Than It Sounds

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Only In Your State

It can be said that across America there are many strange and complicated small-town festivals that you'd only really get it if you were from there. The gravity of this statement is felt most strongly by the people of Nederland, Colorado, in their annual Frozen Dead Guy Days celebrations.

Every year, the people of this town come together to enjoy "Cryonics' first Mardi Gras", complete with contests, parades, music, and games. The event happens every year in early March, and has been a staple of the local culture for the past 17 years.

It quickly became the pride of the township and everyone from youth to seniors take part in the festivities. Dozens of live bands perform, especially at the infamous Blue Ball, there are Polar Plunges, Frozen Dead Poetry Slam, and Coffin Racing. Yes, Coffin Racing.

So what the heck is this outrageous spectacle all about?

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