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10 Common Cooking Mistakes You're Still Making

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The amount of trial and error that goes into making a perfect meal is exhausting - but essential.

There isn't always a right or wrong answer when it comes to cooking, but there are some common myths that are seriously affecting the quality of your meal.

The next time you step in the kitchen, take these 10 tips into consideration.  

1. Flipping your steak once does not make you a grilling master.

Flipping your steak multiple times will make sure that the meat is evenly cooked, and it won't affect the flavor or the texture.

2. Rolled oats are just as nutritious as steel cut oats.

It doesn't matter which one you eat, only that you eat at least one of them! Oats are loaded with protein, fiber, zinc, biotin, and a bunch of other essential nutrients.

3. Microwaving water for tea is not a good idea.

Tea requires a certain temperature, which is why tea kettles are designed to heat water to a certain temperature. When water is heated in a microwave, it's heated unevenly. Also, if water is overheated, it may cause it to violently boil and "explode."

4. Softening butter in the microwave will change the quality of your baked good.

Overheating butter will break the emulsion and affect its composition. Try grating your butter if you want to soften it quickly, or leave it out to soften before you add it in.

5. Stale bread makes better French toast.

No one wants to consume anything that's not fresh, but in the case of French toast, stale or dried out bread will actually make a better breakfast meal. The soggy, eggy solution that you dip the toast in will hold better, so if you don't have stale bread, dry it out in the oven for a few minutes.

6. Adding milk to your scrambled eggs will not make your eggs more fluffy and softer.  

Unless you love the taste of scrambled eggs with milk, there's no other reason to add that dairy ingredient to your eggs. Milk or cream can thin out your eggs and make them overcook easily.

7. Marinating meat does not make it tender.

Marinating meat doesn't affect the texture, unless you add an ingredient like yogurt, which contains enzymes that will break down the meat itself. However, if you don't use any of these ingredients, marinating will only add flavor.

8. Don't rinse cooked pasta with water after it's done boiling.

Rinsing down your hot pasta will remove a layer of starch from it, which will make it more difficult to absorb sauces.

9. Not all foods lose their nutrients after they've been cooked.

In fact, vitamins in some vegetables fare better when cooked, such as vitamins A, D, E and K. Tomatoes, for example, contain a higher vitamin C count after they've been cooked.

10. Don't put your uncooked baked good or meal in the oven before it reaches the appropriate temperature.

Foods will cook evenly when they aren't placed in the oven while it's preheating.

What was the biggest cooking mistake you've made?

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