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Student Drops Out Of College To Complete Dying Friend's Bucket List

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What would you do for your loved ones? When it really matters, would you go the distance? Well, here's at least one person in this world who truly lives up to the title "best friend".

Chris Betancourt and Dillon Hill have been best buddies since their childhood, growing up together and sharing many memories and trials. As friends go, they're closer than most, and have done some amazing things in the time that they have known each other.

They first met at 10 years of age, when Chris moved from North Carolina to California where the two of them grew up. They became fast friends, always hanging out at each other's houses and finding new ways to get up to mischief.

But in the fifth grade, something happened. Chris hadn't been feeling well, and went to the doctors to find out what was wrong. He and his family then got the worst news possible. Chris had cancer.

He was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, and his odds weren't good. It was hard for the young boy to spend so much time in the hospital, but he had someone there to get him through the hard times.

Dillon would bring over video games to his friend's hospital room and they would play for hours to distract each other from the negativity that was surrounding both of their lives. He also promised to become a doctor to figure out a way to cure his best friend.

Maybe it was the abundance of love and support he received, but Chris found out that his cancer had entered remission. For now, the two friends could focus on just being kids and having fun!

They did a lot with their time, and the next few years were filled with amazing accomplishments, but also greater tragedy.

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