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Are You A Compulsive Liar? Your Zodiac Sign Holds The Answer

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Everyone lies a little now and then. For most of us, it's nothing more than a white lie - usually told to avoid causing someone else pain.  

While many people are uncomfortable with the idea of outright lying to someone, for others, it's just a matter of perspective. What some consider to be a lie, others think of as 'bending the truth for the greater good.' The trouble starts when that "greater good" serves no one but the liar.

Most people know a liar when you see one, but if you know their zodiac, you might have a better idea about where they stand on on the black and white (or grey) of truth telling.

See what your zodiac says about your truth-telling abilities below!

Aries : March 20 – April 19

Rarely a liar.  An Aries has no fear of confrontation and for the most part their confidence keeps them honest. If they have no reason to fear what another person thinks about their truth, why bother hiding behind a lie?

If they do lie, it's usually to save someone else's skin, rather than their own.

Taurus: April 19 – May 20

These people are fiercely honest. They aren't afraid to hurt a person in the short-term with the truth because they know it is better than to hurt them in the long-term with a lie.

Are you a Gemini? Find out what your sign says about your lying ways...

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