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Controversial "Mating Agency" For Wealthy Singles Takes The Romance Out Of Parenting

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Imagine you're independently wealthy, in your mid-30s, and single.

It may sound like a dream (because honestly, it is) but it's a nightmare for clients of a controversial dating agency called The Stork.

That's because these wealthy singles are looking for one thing: a baby.

And it turns out when it comes to parenting, all that money can be a huge roadblock.

"I would love nothing more now than to meet someone, settle down and have a child"


The Stork has a simple, but highly controversial business model.

Wealthy single men and women pay a $14,000 entry fee, have their financial records checked, and take a DNA test - to guarantee they can have children.

Then, they're matched with an equally wealthy partner to have a baby together.

So far the "mating agency" has made 12 matches that have produced five children, with more expected to arrive soon.

But many parents are alarmed by the unconventional system that puts children before a healthy relationship.

Ticking Clocks

The Stork's founder, Fiona Thomas, says that her customers are so concerned about babies because many of them are getting older.

Others, especially the men, are looking for an heir to the family fortune instead of a soulmate.

Plus, she says that the exclusive agency keeps away "gold-diggers."

"Our members have everything," she explains.

"Amazing careers, wealth, education, travel — but not the one thing they really want: a family."

But the agency's bizarre approach has attracted plenty of criticism.

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