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Controversial Mom Won't Allow "Fat" Teachers Around Her Daughter

Many parents tend to be overly protective of their children, and there are plenty of good reasons why. But one mom and journalist seems to have taken things too far when she wrote a column for the Daily Mail about an observation she made while she was searching for a nursery for her daughter.

Hilary Freeman woke up to comments on her article labeling her a fat-shamer after she wrote about her experience with the staff at the school she was considering enrolling her child in.


In her controversial article, Freeman explained that although the staff at the London-based school were "kind and great with children," they were also "morbidly obese," hence why she was not comfortable sending her daughter there.

She argued that not only would the teachers be setting a bad example for her child, but they also wouldn't be able to do their job well. Instead, she opted to send her daughter to a school were all "the staff are all a healthy weight."

"What sort of unhealthy habits would she teach my daughter, who would be eating her lunch and tea there each day?" Freeman wrote. "Would she, I wondered, have the lightning reflexes needed to save an adventurous toddler from imminent danger?" she added.

As if this was not enough to get people riled up, Freeman proceeded to shame one of the teacher's appearances, citing that "fat positivity - also known as fat acceptance - has gone too far."

"Rolls of fat are not attractive," Freeman continued.

The mom believes that her freedom of speech allows her to voice her opinion as she see fits, and she shouldn't be afraid to do so. She tried to differentiate between being obese and body positive.

She places the blame on the obese people themselves, many of whom she believes have "no reason" not to lose weight. I guess medical reasons do not count in her book either.

Daily Mail

In an attempt to seem more relatable, Freeman shared a tidbit about her own struggles with weight problems. She said it took her years to go from a size 14 to 10, but she has since used exercise and proper diet to maintain it.

“Perhaps I feel so strongly about this because I’m a slim person with a fat person inside, wanting to burst out,” she explained. “My body clings on to every calorie it can. A doctor told me evolution had ensured I would survive a famine — not that useful for a 21st-century North London girl with a sedentary job.”

It's safe to say that the internet was furious. Here's what some Twitter users had to say:

This is not the first time that Freeman is at the center of a controversy, she admitted that she once joined a Facebook group to tell an "overweight" mom that "nobody is born obese."

A day after the "fat-shaming" article went viral, Freeman penned a follow-up to address the backlash she has received. She stood by her initial comments and told readers that she believes in "standing up to bullies."

"The march of obesity in our society over the past two decades cannot be ignored. It must not become taboo," she concluded.  

Do you think this is concern or criticism? You be the judge.  

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