You Can Now Get Cookies With Your Favorite Celebrity Faces On Them

In the competitive food industry, every restaurant, bakery and coffee shop tries to offer something that sets them apart from the rest. So when pastry chef Sarah Silverman (no, not the actress and comedian) decided to open up a bakery with her partner, she knew exactly what to do to make their store stand out.

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Silverman has been baking up some very creative cookies at her New York-based store, Cupcake Market, and it involves some of the world's most famous stars

The pastry expert has become very popular over the last year for her hand-painted portrait cookies featuring the faces of your favorite celebrities.  

Silverman first got the cool idea during the 2016 presidential primaries. She created cookies with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's faces so people could vote with their stomachs.

Cupcake Market

Since then, Silverman has designed cookies with plenty more of pop culture's movers and shakers, including Kim Kardashian and Oprah.

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Silverman has created hundreds of cookies, but she has no plans to stop any time soon.

The sugar cookies, which are almost as big an actual human face, are baked and painted by Silverman and her small team using royal icing. Each cookie can take up to sixteen hours to complete.

Check out some of their impressive work:

Ryan Gosling

Cupcake Market

Barack Obama

Cupcake Market


Ellen DeGeneres

Justin Bieber

Cupcake Market

The Spice Girls


Silverman also offers cookies with iconic TV characters on them.

Hey Arnold!

Cupcake Market

Ross & Rachel from Friends

Cupcake Market


Aside from recreating famous faces, Silverman also makes custom portrait cookies for anyone who is interested in having their visage on a treat.

If you're interested in getting one of these giant portrait cookies, Cupcake Market ships to anywhere in the United States. Cookies start at around $18.

What do you think of Silverman's creations?

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