Cop Attends Birthday Party Of Baby He Delivered A Year Ago [PHOTOS]

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Cyndi Williams Photography

Caleb Hall and his wife Destiny from Coppell, Texas were driving above the speed limit when a police officer stopped them at the next traffic light. Caleb informed the Tarrant County officer that his wife's water just broke and they were rushing to get to a hospital.

However in a turn of events, the labor began to progress faster than expected and the couple were forced to pull into the parking lot of a nearby gas station.


“Caleb told me, ‘You’re going to have the baby in the back of the ambulance, isn’t that exciting?'” Destiny told The HuffPost. “I replied, ‘No, I’m having her NOW.'”

Deputy Constable Mark Diebold, the officer that flagged them down a few minutes before, had followed them to the lot and stepped in to help deliver the baby safely.

Cyndi Williams Photography

“Caleb pulled my pants down, and they didn’t even make it to my knees before she started coming!” Destiny recalled.

Diebold not only caught the baby, he also cleared her airway and stayed with the couple until the ambulance arrived.

Cyndi Williams Photography

“How it has changed me was seeing his reaction to it. Evelyn’s birth was a sign to him that he was exactly where God placed him to be,” the second time mom told WIS-TV, “He is serving in a role which is his calling. The pure joy I saw in his face is a look I will never forget.”

It's been a year since Evelyn's dramatic entrance into the world and her parents threw a very special birthday party to which they invited none other than Diebold. Cyndi Williams, the photographer who offered to take Evelyn's newborn photos for free, was also present to snap pictures of the special occasion.

Cyndi Williams Photography

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