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Cop Delivers Christmas To A 6-Year-Old Girl Who Witnessed Her Parents Die

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Losing a parent is one the hardest things a child can go through, especially when you are only six years old. Losing both your parents within a year of each other is almost too much for any one person to handle.

Unfortunately for six year old Ivey, this is her reality. As expected she hasn't been doing very well lately. Ivey's school called in officer Popsey Floyd when she was continuously running away from class. The young girl kept trying to leave the building alone, and when Floyd arrived he found out that the reason she was doing it was a lot more serious than he anticipated.

"School officials told me that one of the issues they have with her is that she witnessed her mother being killed," Floyd explained in a video update about the case.  But as traumatizing as that was, it wasn't the end of this girl's horrific experience.

"What I found out today, is that not only did she witness her mom being killed, she also witnessed her father being killed just a couple months later," he continued. "Within the same year, she lost her mother and her father."

The little girl has been having an extremely hard time with this. Floyd says that she is a very smart girl, but that it's making it harder for her because she has an excellent memory and can remember the incidents vividly. She is staying with her grandmother, but she is struggling. Floyd decided that this girl deserved a special Christmas this year, so he has done something amazing...

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