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Cop Responds To A 'Dangerous' Dog Call, But Instead Found The Happiest New Friend

When Deputy Mark Elsaid received a call about a dangerous dog on the loose in a neighborhood, he knew he needed to head over right away. The call came from someone who feared for her children's safety and wanted to have the dog checked out.

The deputy was careful when he arrived, making sure to approach the situation cautiously. There is a certain stigma about pit bulls and this was definitely a big dog so he kept his distance at first.

The officer rolled down his window to get a better look and that's when he realized they have made a big mistake. The dog's tail started to wag and he ran right over, jumping into his window as if to say "Hello!"

His name was Red and he had simply gotten out of his gate. He was just a big ol' softy! He wanted nothing more than to give out a bunch of kisses and make all the friends.

This just goes to show you the huge prejudice against bully breeds. If this dog was a Labrador or a Poodle no one would have thought twice about going up to it to check it themselves. Pit Bulls are put into one big category as an aggressive dog, but not all of them are trained fighting dogs, some are huge babies that just want love.

It's probably best to be careful around any dog you don't know, no matter what the breed is, but it seems like people are especially harsh on the bully breeds and that isn't necessarily fair.

Red was brought back to his human and the sheriff was glad he got to meet him. Perhaps next time the neighbors won't judge a book by its cover!