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Cop Turns Routine Traffic Stop Into A Heartwarming Gesture That's Won Over the Internet

The Epoch Times

I get supremely nervous when I see a cop car tailing me, even if they are simply just sharing the road. But when those "cherries" come on accompanied by the siren I start to have worst-case scenario thoughts. Am I getting arrested? What did I do wrong? Was I driving all over the place? These thoughts are unfounded as I know I am an exceedingly careful driver when I get behind the wheel. For some people, the experience can be downright terrifying.

One cop in Virginia is going viral for his simple act of compassion and kindness.

The Epoch Times

Chy-Niece Thacker was on her way to a job interview in Richmond, Virginia, when she noticed that she was being closely followed by a marked police cruiser. She began to get worried, because not only was she nervous to deal with the police, but she might end up losing a ton of money to any potential fines or suspensions she would receive.

She pulled over immediately after confirming that she was being instructed to do so. But what she heard when she rolled down her window surprised her.

“He quickly said, ‘don’t worry about pulling anything out. I just want you to know that your brake lights are out,’”

In the greater scheme of things, having a break light out isn't a huge deal, but when you just paid $600 to have those very items fixed, I imagine there are some strong feelings of anxiety. After telling Officer Jenkins that she had literally just had those fixed, Officer Jenkins told her to pop the trunk so he could take a look to see what the problem was.

The Epoch Times

After not being able to find any fix to the problem in the trunk, he then went under the hood, and into the fuse box underneath the dash. All-in-all Officer Jenkins spent over half-an-hour trying to get Ms. Thacker's break lights to work before sending her on her way.

The Epoch Times

Officer Jenkins had Thacker follow him to closest mechanic so that she could get her lights fixed. He told her that he cares more about her driving safely, than actually giving her a ticket.

Our hats off to you Officer Jenkins.