9 Famous Costars Who Actually Hated Each Other In Real Life

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Sometimes we watch a movie or a show and are blown away by the bond the characters have. Pop culture history is teeming with characters like these. Scully and Mulder, Chandler and Joey, Jack and Rose...

So it's always a shock when we find out that not only did some of these duos not have a particularly strong bond, some of them absolutely hated each other.

Here are 9 of the most famous costars who broke our hearts with their real life feuds:

1. Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind)

Gone with the Wind is considered by many to be the greatest film ever made. Gable and Leigh's portrayals of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara continue to enchant viewers almost 80 years after its release. But what many don't know is that Clark and Vivien weren't very fond of each other during filming.

Vivien reportedly hated kissing Clark because he had bad breath. Whilst this was seen as an issue stemming from the teeth he had to replace after years of smoking, a technician on set reported that Gable sometimes ate garlic right before his kissing scenes with Leigh.

As if this did not annoy her enough, the film's director reportedly had her breasts taped after Gable complained they were not to his taste.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City)

These fictional New York BFFs entertained viewers for years on the show Sex and the City.

But in real life, the story couldn't be more different. The feud started a decade ago when, after being refused a raise, Cattrall began to distance herself from the rest of the cast. Then, just last year,  Parker announced that plans to make a third Sex and the City film had been scrapped.

Although she did not give any reasons, it was quickly reported that this was due to Cattrall holding out for a bigger paycheck, a claim she denied when she mentioned she was tired of the toxic relationships on set.

After Cattrall's brother died, Parker offered her condolences which were quickly rebuffed by Kim posting on social media that she "did not need her love or support".

Guess that movie is never happening. At least, we'll always have Samantha, Carrie and that gray pubic hair scene.

3. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (The Notebook)

The two reportedly did not get along on the set of The Notebook. Gosling thought he had no chemistry with his costar and threatened to quit if she was not fired. The film's director even tried to host a mini-therapy session with them, which ended with the two screaming at each other.

Eventually, the movie was made and Gosling and McAdams became friends. They later went on to date for several years.

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