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Here's How You Can Shop At Costco Without A Membership And Save Lots Of Money

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It seems like most people nowadays have a Costco membership, but is it actually worth signing up for?

A gold star or business membership fee is $60 and the executive memberships are $120 for a year.

For savvy customers, the executive memberships sounds like a great deal because you can also earn up to 2% back every year on qualifying purchases.

Also, the warehouse sells things in bulk for cheaper and they usually have a bunch of free samples to entice you to buy more delicious things.

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But there are downsides to this exclusive deal.

There are many rules that you have to follow when you become a member. The main one being that you cannot share your membership.

And let's be real, do you really need to buy everything in bulk? We've all come out of Costco with at least a $100 to $300 receipt wondering if we got the bang for our buck.

If you don't use your membership often, and love to buy a few particular items at the wholesale store, here are a few tricks to get you to shop at Costco without a membership.

1. Get a Costco gift card

Costco Cash can be purchased for $25 to $1,000, so you can save on your favorite items whenever you want!

The only thing is that a member has to purchase the card. If you know someone with a Coscto membership, and I'm sure you do, they can buy you a gift card and you can pay them back.

Keep in mind, if you want to use your gift card online, you might have to pay a small subcharge.

2. Go with a friend

If you go to Costco once in a blue moon, go with a friend.

They can buy whatever you need and you can pay them back later.

3. Buy online

If you think in-store deals at Costco are great, you haven't been on their site yet.

As a non-member, you may be subjected to a 5% subcharge, but sometimes the savings are worth it.

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