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You Can Spend The Night At This Cottage Made Entirely Out Of Chocolate


You've heard the saying, "Home, Sweet Home" before, but what if we told you that you now have the opportunity to literally come home to a house made completely out of chocolate?

No, you haven't traveled to Candyland, but to Sí¨vres, France (just 30 minutes away from Paris), where you can stay at one of the most unique cottages out there.

Crafted by renowned French chocolate sculptor Jean-Luc Decluzeau, this sweet abode was built almost entirely from 1.5 tons of cocoa - which is all edible.

Take a peek at this delicious cottage and see how much your mouth waters at the end!

The Exterior

This cottage is 18 square meters and big enough to accommodate four guests, with a small outdoor lake of white chocolate, directly beside the chocolate flowerbeds.

Everything from the walls and the roof to the fireplace, dresser, chandelier clock, cups and books are made out of the tasty sweet.

The Bedroom

While this chocolate won't be around forever, Booking.com is offering an exclusive two-night stay at what will possibly be the most memorable lodgings you'll ever step foot in.

The Kitchen

Costing only 50 euros ($59 USD), the lucky recipients can reserve their spot on either September 19 or September 26 for stays on October 5 and 6.

Afterwards it'll be moved to the chocolate museum, Choco Story in Bruges, Belgium.

The Decor

While there, the guests will be treated to a workshop hosted by Decluzeau, who will teach them how to make their own personalized, miniature chocolate houses, to keep as a souvenir.

"I never thought I was going to build a human-sized chocolate cottage for travelers," Decluzeau said in a statement, according to the Lonely Planet. "I'm very happy to share my passion for chocolate, and I hope travelers will enjoy their stay in such a unique and tasty place to stay."

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