Couch Potatoes Arrested at McDonald's Drive-Thru

When these guys had a craving for a Big Mac at 3 AM, but didn't want to get off the couch, they got creative.

Police spotted the a couch being towed behind an ATV at 3:19 AM in the drive-thru of a McDonald's restaurant.

2 New Brunswick men have been arrested for allegedly going through a McDonald's drive-thru on a couch.

"The two passengers from the sofa, or the couch, or whatever you want to call it, were intoxicated," said police.

When the Cpl. Lorri McEachern turned on the cruiser lights to pull the ATV and his passengers over, the driver of the four-wheeler took off, stranding the intoxicated men outside of the restaurant.

The 2 men ages 28 and 29 will face charges that have yet to be determined.

McEachern says it's illegal to tow a couch through a drive-thru, but the two men were wearing helmets.

"So obviously safety was somewhat important," noted McEachern.

I guess these guys never heard of Uber Eats. Do you think they should have been arrested?

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