Could This Book Be The Answer To Your Children Sleeping at Night?

The internet is full of great sleeping techniques to help you get a good night's rest. From deep breathing to having a good stretch, avoiding your iPad or phone before bed and meditation, there are many ways to make the most of the time you get to close your eyes.

But what about for kids?

We give them a nice relaxing bath, with a scented soap that is supposed to induce a calm state. We hum a little song as we get their pajamas on and complete our regular bedtime routine. We read a story, say goodnight to our stuffed toys and finally lay them in their bed.

Then the screaming begins. What are we doing wrong?

This is a nightly struggle for a lot of parents, and just finding ways to cope can be trying. Whether you are spending endless hours sleeping next to your little ones in their bed, on their floor or snuggled in your rocking chair, you wonder to yourself, there has to be a better way.

Maybe sleeping is a skill we can teach to our kids, the same way we do for ourselves.

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That's the idea that the folks at HarperCollins have in mind with their new book Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep.

It's like a "How To" sleep guide for kids!

The story is about a little bear named Dozy, who notices how the other animals in the forest fall asleep so easily, while he is still wide awake. His parents then gently explain all the tricks they use to relax before bed.

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"First wiggle the tips of your paws – give them a good shake. And now wiggle your ankles, and now your knees. See how heavy they feel. Next wiggle your bottom, feel it sink into the bed.”

Filled with calm, mellow illustrations this book will have you yawning and ready for bed yourself.

It may be worth a try!

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