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Country Superstar Surprises Hockey Crowd With Stunning National Anthem

Currently, the National Hockey League is in playoff season.

As is tradition, the national anthem is sung prior to each game and it always gets the crowd pumped up.

For the Nashville Predators, they were waiting to start their first home game of the playoffs versus the Chicago Blackhawks, when they were given an incredible surprise.

Country music legend Carrie Underwood was announced as the anthem singer, and the crowd went wild! Underwood is married to the Nashville Predators captain, Mike Fisher, so it's actually surprising she's never done the anthem in the past.


Underwood has been a huge supporter of Mike Fisher's hockey career, even when he played in Canada for the Ottawa Senators. Their faith and family life have always been strong, so it must have been a huge boost for Fisher to have his loving wife perform right before the game.

These are the moments... @mfisher1212 giving a puck to the little man while Papa holds on tight. #blessed

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#Smashville has completely gone crazy!!!! 3-0 baby!!! One more! @predsnhl

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It's unclear whether Mike Fisher was also surprised by Carrie Underwood singing the anthem or if he knew about it in advance. But one thing is for sure, he definitely was proud.

Nashville went on to win the game in overtime.

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