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New Project Will Have Giant Farm Growing Right In The Middle Of A City

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It's Going Down

At different points it has claimed the title of manufacturing behemoth, technology leader, and education summit, but now it is turning it's focus on it's latest industry: agriculture. A city that has proven it's ability in economic growth will now ply its hand at local farming methods.

The Hilltop Urban Farm is an initiative focused on providing fresh, community grown produce to local residents in an effort to share healthy foods and connect different parts of the city.

The space will be the largest ever area designated for city farming in the country, and is expected to reach 23 acres of ripe farmland only two miles from city center!

The Hilltop Alliance is coordinating the project and says that the plan is focused on bridging together areas of the city that have chronic low-access to supermarkets. "It's those neighborhoods that are the focus of our work," says the spokesperson for the group.

But what exactly can you grow in the middle of a city you ask?

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