Couple Commemorates Engagement With A Barack And Michelle Obama-Inspired Photoshoot

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Natasha Herbert/Instagram

There may be a new administration in power and a new First Lady in the White House, but some Americans are still hung up on the Obamas.

The 44th President and his wife Michelle Obama are not only missed for their work, but for their genuine display of love for each other. In a day and age were the pressure of fame can take a huge toll on relationships, the Obamas are an example of what true, unconditional and dedicated love looks like.

White House/Pete Souza

Even after 25 years of marriage, the much-adored couple aren't afraid to show their affection for one another to the public. Over time some of their sweetest moments have been caught on camera and are now inspiring the way another couple chose to celebrate their love.

Cleveland couple Cassi and Adam have become overnight internet sensations after their first couple-inspired engagement photoshoot began to go viral.

The couple initially wanted just one of their photos to be a duplicate of one the former first couple's pictures, but somewhere along it became an entire collection according to the wedding planner, Covesa Kelly and photographer, Natasha Herbert.

“I miss The Obama’s SO much that when our Bride and Groom said ‘Can we try and duplicate one of their famous shots for our engagement pics?’ I was like let’s do an entire shoot- we can do this and this and THIS!” Kelly wrote in an Instagram caption.

You can see the remaining photos from the shoot in the next page.

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