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After Struggling To Conceive For 5 Years, She's Getting More Than She Bargained For

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After a very long journey to become pregnant, one Utah couple was overjoyed when they received the news that they were expecting.

For five years, Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, were struggling to get pregnant.

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Before giving up on their dream, the couple sought help from a specialist who gave them more then they could have ever hoped for.

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I did just an at-home pregnancy test a couple days before I could officially get blood work done to see if the fertility procedure had worked,” Jamie shared. “I went through so many pregnancy tests, I was used to seeing a negative. So, after all these years of trying, it was just incredible to see those two pink lines.”

Weeks after finding out she was pregnant, blood work revealed something more in her hormone levels.

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