After Struggling To Conceive For 5 Years, She's Getting More Than She Bargained For

After a very long journey to become pregnant, one Utah couple was overjoyed when they received the news that they were expecting.

For five years, Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, were struggling to get pregnant.

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Before giving up on their dream, the couple sought help from a specialist who gave them more then they could have ever hoped for.

"When I first found out I was pregnant, I did just an at-home pregnancy test a couple days before I could officially get blood work done to see if the fertility procedure had worked," Jamie shared. "I went through so many pregnancy tests, I was used to seeing a negative. So, after all these years of trying, it was just incredible to see those two pink lines."

Weeks after finding out she was pregnant, blood work revealed something more in her hormone levels.

The couple share a 12-year-old son, Shayden, and a 7-year-old son, Landon, but desperately wanted another child. As the years passed without a positive pregnancy test, they slowly came to terms that another baby wasn't in their future.

"It was really challenging to watch your wife go through that," Skyler said. "Seeing something that means so much to Jamie and not having success with it and not seeing the results of all our praying, that was really, really hard to go through."

That's why it was really special to the family when they found out they were expecting another baby.

With higher than average HCG levels, Jamie and Skyler figured they were having twins or triplets. They were not prepared for what the doctor shared with them next.

When doctors broke the news, that they were having quintuplets, the could was in awe that their long journey would bring them so much happiness.

"I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see all of those babies on the screen," she says. "I was in awe."

Hi friends, I just wanted to respond to a few frequent questions we've been receiving over the past few days about Jamie and the quints: 1. What infertility challenges have you been dealing with and what fertility treatment did you use?: Jamie has PCOS, which inhibits her ability to ovulate. This pregnancy is the result of our second round of IUI treatment. 2. How far along is Jamie?: Wednesday will be our 8 week mark. We had another ultrasound last night. All five embryos are of perfect size, each with a perfect heartbeat. 3. How is Jamie feeling?: Those of your know Jamie, know that she had extremely difficult pregnancies with our boys in which she suffered with hyperemisis gravidarum or severe non-stop nausea. Beyond the miracle of conceiving 5 babies is the miracle that Jamie does not have hyperemesis this time, but only moderate pregnancy nausea. She's tired and feels "barfy,"and has the sense of smell of a bloodhound, but she's doing very well. 4. What's next?: We meet with our fertility specialist tomorrow evening. He has a lot of information to share with us. After considering his recommendations, Jamie and I will prayerfully select a high-risk OB. Thanks for all your love and support. We'll let you know how everything goes tomorrow night.

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Letting the news that they would be adding five more babies to their family sunk in, and they realized it was going to be a challenge.

"I wanted to be a great mother for all these individual human beings, and I was thinking about how we were going to do this," Jamie says. "Then, I just had this overwhelming peace come over me, and just this message, "˜Just be love.' I thought, I can do that."

The couple later revealed they will be having three girls and two boys.

As their family of four swells to nine this spring, the 33-year-old mom-to-be has been advised to eat 4,000 calories a day to that she can gain 100 pounds for the growing babies.

"I've gained 20 pounds so far, but it's not enough so I've got to eat a lot, fast," she said. "I'm craving healthy food like cucumbers but they have zero calories so I have to beef it up with high fat things like McDonald's and ice cream."

She has also been struggling to sleep with her quickly expanding belly.

"When one of the babies moves, they all move "” it's like a party in there," she said.

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One baby at a time, the family is naming their growing children.

On January 28, Jamie's water broke for Baby Boy A, who they have named Logan Matthew Scott. Jamie remains in hospital under the watchful eyes of doctors to ensure that the growing babies receive the best care possible.

A few days later, the family named Baby Girl B, Lily Jane Scott.

22 Weeks 🙏🏻❤️🎉 We’re excited to announce that we’ve named Baby B, our first little girl, Lily Jane Scott 💗 #lilyjanescott #babyloganstrong

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"I'm just really looking forward to bringing home five healthy, chubby babies," Jamie told SWNS.

The family has been providing regular updates on their "Five Two Love" Facebook and Instagram pages.

Follow their journeys as they bring these babies into the world.

Source: People / Inside Edition