Couple Finds Hidden Treasure In The Most Unlikely Place While Moving Into Their New Home


Moving to a new home is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

It's a new chapter in your life that's filled with new possibilities and surprises. However, rarely do those possibilities involve finding hidden treasures.

One couple posted photos online of how they find a trap door while settling into their new home, and what they found inside changed their lives.

There have been countless stories of people stumbling onto valuable vintage items in their backyards, bathroom walls, and floorboards.

A few years ago, a California couple discovered more than 1,000 gold coins in their backyard while walking their dog. The mint-condition coins were in eight cans buried under the soil, and were estimated to be worth $11 million.

One remodeling contractor from Ohio had similar luck when he tore down a bathroom wall and found bills totaling up to $182,000, which is estimated to be worth up to half a million dollars.

Imgur user CzarMatt and his wife were placing all their items in their respective rooms and spaces when they noticed a handle in one of their closet floors...

Little did they know that their pot of gold wasn't at the end of a rainbow, but in a corner of their new home!

At first glance, underneath the floorboards were filled with dust and spiders, but as they looked closer, they found something hiding in the corner.

They pried the heavy box open with a screwdriver, which contained old coins, a 1990 Marvel #3 Silver Surfer Hologram trading card, and old pocket watches and rings.

Some of the coins found in the box included an 1885 Morgan silver dollar coin and a 1859 rare penny.

There are many things that may be in your home that are worth a fortune. Check out "10 items in your attic that are worth a lot more than you think," and see if you're a step closer to fattening up your wallet!

Have you ever found something valuable while moving in a new home?

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