Couple Told To Tear Down $30,000 Beachfront Treehouse After Getting Permission From The City

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Daily Mail / NY Post

Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen built everyone's childhood dream home: a beachfront treehouse.

They spent $30,000 constructing a two-level treehouse next to their Florida rental home that features a hammock, windows, and a lookout to the Gulf of Mexico.

However, this seemingly serene space has turned into a nightmare for the couple.

Before Tran and Hazen built their "childhood dream" in 2011, they went to ask officials at the city of Holmes Beach if they'd need a permit to build their treehouse.

"Go ahead, no permit is required, just make it safe so no one falls out," Hazen recalled what one building official  told him.

Strangely, officials did not request drawing or sketches, nor did they require the couple to complete any forms of guidelines.

"There were five officers in the room and no one asked me to complete anything," Hazen said.

Now that the treehouse has been built, officials are forcing the couple to tear it down or obtain an PDEP permit, which they are unlikely to be granted because the treehouse violates coastal zoning and structural standards codes.

Until they take it down, the couple faces $50 fine every day and are unable to allow guests who rent out their rental property access to the treehouse.

They've fought with local authorities over this issue for years, and now their last stop is the Supreme Court.

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