Couple's Wedding 70 Years After Their First Date Will Make You Believe In True Love [PHOTOS]

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Stephanie Helsel

Even some of the strongest relationships can fall apart (ahem, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris) which makes it easy for us to lose faith in love. So if you need a reminder that true love, although hard to find, really does exist, then this North Carolina couple's story is a must read.

Ed Sellers and Katie Smith were just 14 and 15 years old, respectively, when they started to date in the early 1940s. Unlike courtships today, the teenage sweethearts were subjected to strict religious rules which only allowed them to meet in the presence of a chaperone.

“She actually made him wait about two years before she’d let him kiss her," Katie Smith's granddaughter Stephanie Helsel told ABC News.

Ed Sellers and Katie Smith Stephanie Helsel

Unfortunately, the pressure of the situation forced the young lovers to drift apart and they moved on to marry other people until they were both widowed.

"It dwindled out because it was so stifled because of the constraints on their dating,” Helsel explained.

Sellers' wife, Dot, died 4 years ago due to Alzheimer's and Smith's husband, Cecil, lost his battle to cancer 17 years ago. However, both Smith and Sellers had each other in the back of their minds the entire time.

“She’d tell me about her ex-boyfriend Ed Sellers and the old days and how they didn’t used to date like they do now,” Helsel recalled. “About a year and a half ago he [Sellers] got the nerve to call her.”

It was the phone call that changed everything. Click on the next page to find out how the former lovers reconnected and eventually got married.

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