Child Bride Courtney Stodden Files For Divorce From 57-Year-Old Doug Hutchinson


In 2011, the public was shocked when Green Mile star Doug Hutchinson announced he married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden in Las Vegas.

While elopement is a popular choice for couples in the 21st century, huge controversy surrounded the pair since Hutchinson, then 50, was 34 years older than his new bride, who was technically still a child.

How They Met

Hutchinson first met Stodden when she enrolled as a student in his acting class. Sparks flew and they quickly wed, despite the disapproval from his family and his peers. His agent quit shortly after the couple's announcement, he received death threats, and former fans branded him as a "pedophile."

Even though it seemed like everyone had disowned the actor, Stodden's mother, Krista Keller, was delighted for the pair, and gave her permission for her daughter to get married - a decision she said she would later regret.

"I do take full responsibility, however because I am the one that did sign the paper for her to marry this man," she said. "If I had to do it all over again I cannot tell you if I would be signing that paper."

The Marriage

During their marriage, the couple received counselling with Dr. Jenn Berman during their appearance on VH1's of Couples Therapy.

"I believe it was the wrong decision to let a 16-year-old marry a man in his 50s. It's uncomfortable to see..." Berman said. "I don't condone it, but I do see that this is a married couple that is genuinely married and they have marital issues that needed to be worked on."

"I came in saying, 'She's a victim, he's a predator.' What I found out was that she has a lot more power in this relationship and he is far more powerless than I expected," she added. "His family has completely disowned him... He unfortunately has nothing besides her."

After two-and-a-half years, Hutchinson and Stodden would announce their separation, due to her desire to "screw" other guys.

"In that single spree, it wasn't necessarily to be mature and find myself and stuff like that. I just wanted to go out and screw to be completely honest, because I had never had that opportunity," she said. "I went from my parents to Doug. I didn't go to prom or go on dates with other guys."

They eventually got back together in August 2014, even planned to renew their wedding vows.

But their happiness wouldn't last.

Rift With Her Mother

During an appearance on the reality show, The Mother/Daughter Experiment, Stodden accused her mother of having an emotional affair with her husband.

"Doug was reaching out to me because I was right next door, and I was there for him emotionally. You know, it looked like every time [there were issues with Courtney], Doug wanted to talk with me - I don't know if Courtney much liked it, but I was there for him when she wasn't," Keller said, adding the pair bonded "emotionally."

This caused the mother-daughter duo to end their relationship on bad terms, with Keller let go from managing Stodden's career.


In 2016, Stodden revealed she had suffered a miscarriage, which put a strain on the couple's already delicate marriage.

"I think when a couple faces a difficult trial in life together, whatever that may be, it either tears you apart or brings you together," Stodden explained. "And I think right now we're kind of in the kind of crossroads point where we're trying to figure it out."

She also penned a heartfelt caption on Instagram, dedicating it to her unborn child.

"I never had a chance to hold your tiny hand. Never will I get to kiss your little warm feet. Never will I have the fortune to look into your precious eyes," she wrote at the time," she wrote.

"I'll never get over this ... losing you. I hope that you know I wanted to give you life ... a beautiful life "” and desired so much to watch you grow into an incredible human being," she added.

The Final Separation

Despite all of the trials and tribulations the controversial couple would go through together, they finally call it quits for good in February 2017, which took a toll on Stodden's mental health.

"We are legally separated ... it's only been, like, two and a half months," Stodden said. "I'm also trying to take things slow because I love him and it's really hard on him ... it's extremely sensitive."

In January of this year, she would make a public plea on Instagram for her estranged husband to take her back.

"I need this man back in my life," she wrote on her photo. "I need him to come help me. I need him to want our marriage to work. He's been my only solid rock. Doug, if you read this "” this is a public cry for your undying love."

She also uploaded a video of herself crying on the social networking site, where she said: "So, obviously, I've been crying "” again. I just want to be honest with you guys about some things. Me and my husband have been going through a really rough time "” separation, and ultimately divorce, coming up in a week. I've, at the last minute, realized that I don't want it and I want to try to make things work."

"Ever since we've been separated and he's moved away, I've been really depressed and I've realized that I don't deserve him," she continued, still crying. "I love him so much and I need him back in my life. I just need him to come help me and be with me and I love him."

But it wouldn't be long until she would move on.

Finding Love Again

Days after making heartbreaking plea, Stodden was spotted with another man, who was revealed to be 37-year-old millionaire, Chris Sheng.

He declared his love to the reality star on Instagram with a collage of them together, captioning it: "Yes, I love you monkey...@courtneyastodden."

The new couple have since flaunted several photos of each other on their social media accounts. However, it's rumored Stodden and Sheng have been together since June of last year, making her plea to Hutchinson even more bewildering.

However, Hutchinson is claiming Stodden is addicted to fame and only using Sheng for his money.

"The thing is she doesn't have any money, and he started paying her rent, and she really wants to stay in Hollywood. She is addicted to fame," Hutchinson said.

"Ultimately I want her to be happy first and foremost. I love her with all my heart, we are soulmates and I will always love her," he concluded.    

Chris Sheng/Instagram

Filing For Divorce

On March 7, it was announced Stodden had finally filed for divorce from her estranged husband.

Despite having a net worth only estimated to be around $500,000, she didn't request spousal support from Hutchinson (who's worth about $3 million), making it appear as though the former couple had a prenuptial agreement.

In the documents, Stodden lists their monthly income, where she said each of them make $2,500 a month.

It finally looks like the infamous duo are done for good, but only time will tell.

Did you think Stodden and Hutchinson would last?

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