No One Would Take In This Cow Born With Five Legs, But This Farmer Knows It's Not A 'Freak'

If you talk to farmers, they'll tell you animals are born with slight deformities all the time. None have been quite like this calf, though.

The "mutant" cow was born in southwestern China with four a fifth one growing out of its back.

When news of the cow spread across Guizhou, people flocked to see the cow and it's "freakish" extra limb.  

Chen Mingguo, the farmer who owns the cow, says he took the creature in when no one else wanted it. He didn't remove the creepy-looking appendage, in case it had a detrimental effect to the cow's health. Although the leg hasn't grown since the calf's birth, you might feel a little nauseous when you find out why it's there in the first place.


"My friends said there was a freak cow. It was rare, thus I bought it. The cow is not a freak," said the farmer.

"The cow is one of a twin, the fifth leg is the other twin. The separation of the twins was incomplete. The probability of this deformation is just 0.03%."

That means the cow is carrying a limb from its underdeveloped twin on its back!


Check out the video below to see the calf:

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