Cowboy Boot Roller Skates Are A Thing

Giddyap cowboys and cowgirls! Get ready for the best way to combine current style with old transportation!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I love these cowboy boots, but I would really also love to be wearing roller skates?"

Well then look no further. Apparently Cowboy Boot Roller Skates are a thing.

Roller rinks used to be a huge hit, so I can see where a lot of people would find these appealing. But are there REALLY enough roller rinks left for this to be a valuable use of time and money??

John Wayne Feddersen Jr. created the boot in 2012, and now they're gaining a ton of popularity. According to Feddersen, the idea stemmed from when he was a child and his family couldn't afford to buy him new skates, so he just added wheels to his cowboy boots.

“Once you put a pair on, you just want to skate in them,” he says.

CBS News

You can buy a pair from Feddersen's online store, or you can make your own. Here's some of the best ones we found:

Dangerous Minds
Skate Log Forum

Dangerous Minds
Dangerous Minds

Steven Hudosh

We're still on the fence about these, but I guess they're much better than cowboy boot sandals:

Dangerous Minds

What do you think? Would you wear these cowboy boot roller skates?

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