Crazy Predictions From Disney's "Tomorrowland" That Came True (And A Few That Didn't)

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Before Disneyland was loaded with enormous rides and eye-popping attractions, the theme park was built around special areas planned by Disney himself. There was historical fun in Frontierland, Exotic thrills in Adventureland, and characters and sets from Disney's films in Fantasyland. But the most unique area in the park was Tomorrowland. Disney was very interested in technology and how it would change our lives, and Tomorrowland was his place to explore these ideas.

"Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come," Disney said, and some of the Tomorrowland attractions gave people a glimpse at that future.

See what they got right - and wrong - in this list!

1. Space Travel

When Tomorrowland opened in 1955, the idea of humans visiting the moon was still pretty far-fetched. One of the park's biggest attractions - literally, it was 76 feet tall - was the TWA Moonliner. The rocket was meant to represent the kind of crafts that would take us all on space trips in the near future. Once we actually reached the moon, the Flight to the Moon attraction became Mission to Mars, which you can still visit today.

Well, we're not exactly soaring among the stars yet. While you can pay a lot of money for a space trip, it's not possible for 99% of people. The park's "imagineers" also guessed that the rockets would use nuclear reactors,which hasn't really come about - yet.

2. Modern Transportation

One of the most popular early attraction at Tomorrowland was Autopia, a car ride that was meant to give tourists a preview of the upcoming National Interstate System. That's right: back then even highways were science fiction for most Americans!

While Autopia and America's highway system was probably the closest Tomorrowland ever came to predicting the future (because it was already happening) most people would love to ride Tomorrowland's monorail instead. Sadly, America's railways have pretty much died out, and there are only a handful of monorails in the whole country.

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