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7 Times Judges Decided To Get Creative With Their Punishments

The Independent / Onedio

We always hope the justice system has our backs when it comes down to it. Often times criminals can get away with their crimes or be let off too easily. But then there are cases that work out so well you can't help but smile!

From forced haircuts to mandatory chicken costumes, here are some of the greatest courtroom sentences of all time!

Here's a fare skipper that had to walk a mile in her victims shoes...

She tried to skip out on a $100 cab ride, but ended up with getting tracked down and put before a really creative judge. Her choice; 30 days in prison or walk 30 miles (the distance of the cab ride, no less!). We think she made the healthy decision!

When tit-for-tat just doesn't cut it.

When 13-year-old Kaytlen Lopan decided to cut a three-year-old's hair in a McDonald's play area, she didn't expect justice to catch up with her so suddenly. The infants mother took her to court and the judge said that Kaytlen's mother could cut off her daughters ponytail right there in court or she would face 150 hours in detention. She took the scissor route, but the judge had her her take a little more off the top for good measure!

Hear! Listen to this!

A judge in Colorado was sick and tired of having the same noise offenders keep coming back to the courts. He decided that if a fine wouldn't deter them, maybe a taste of their own medicine would. He sentenced several individuals to listen to an hour of "bad music" in order to show them how annoying they were being. Their choice? Barney the Dinosaur or Barry Manilow.

Who would you pick?

These sentences seem to work for petty offences, but what about when more serious charges are laid?

The case of the woman who couldn't hold her horses.

The woman from Texas was convicted of neglecting two horses kept on her property for four months. She was given 30 days of jail time over a series of weekends, but was also restricted to bread and water for sustenance during that time. "She's going to get more than her horses got," said the judge.

When criminals of a feather commit a crime most fowl!

These men sure learned where they stand in the pecking order. When their sentence of 30 days in jail for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer was offered, they opted for a different approach, instead standing outside in chicken suits to warn others of their fate.

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