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Pet Beds That Look Like Crocs Are A Real Thing Now And You're Probably Going To Want One

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When it comes to our pets, a lot of us tend to go a bit overboard. We buy them too many toys, too many treats, and we want nothing more than to spoil them.

Sure, non-pet owners may say that it's ridiculous and that we're "wasting" our money on them, but we know the truth. We want to give them all the things they need to make them happy because they make us so happy.

Our pets are part of the family, so obviously we've got to treat them as such. They need the best we can provide, and sometimes that means getting something truly ridiculous because it makes us laugh.

The latest hilarious splurge people are making for their pets is a pretty hilarious dog bed that is in the shape of a Croc sandal.

The famously controversial shoe that everyone claims is "so comfortable" even though they are constantly called ugly has been turned into a big ol' pet bed so that your pup can stop chewing on your shoes because now they've got their own!

Is it ridiculous? Sure! But is it cute anyways? You betcha!

The beds are available on Amazon. They are kind of small, only 26 x 10 x 13 inches, so they are best suited for cats and smaller dogs.

They've got a fleece liner to keep your pet cozy, and luckily it's removable so you can wash it if there are any accidents. It seems like at least some pets like it!

You can get them in red, yellow, pink, black, and tan, and they are the perfect Christmas gift for those who love their pets, or better yet, love their Crocs! Hurry and check them out before they all sell out!

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So, what do you think? You ready to give your pet the silliest bed in the world?

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