You Can Finally Cuddle Without Having Your Arm Fall Asleep Thanks To This Pillow


You Can Finally Cuddle Without Having Your Arm Fall Asleep Thanks To This Pillow

Coodle Pillow

It's actually a myth that guys don't like to cuddle. Everyone likes human comfort and physical contact. Just like when we're babies, it's nice to be held and nice to hold someone else who is dear to our hearts.

Wanting to cuddle isn't what keeps most guys from snuggling up close to a spouse - circulation is.


We've all had those painful or sometimes embarrassing moments where our arms or legs have gone to sleep because of our positioning. Whether we're sitting cross-legged, or resting with our arm under a pillow, how we are situated has a big impact on which areas are getting blood flow.

The normal cuddle position is called spooning, with the smaller person (little spoon) nestled in against the larger person (big spoon) and usually results in their head on top of the big spoon's outstretched arm.

Heads are heavy and bloodflow will soon stop to the arm. That becomes very uncomfortable. There's finally a solution to the problem that has plagued couple's around the world: the Coodle Pillow.

The pillow is soft, yet firm, allowing for space for the big spoon's arm. Blood reaches the extremities unimpeded, but the little spoon is allowed a comfortable place to rest their head. Genius.

This isn't just a boon for couples either. If you've ever fallen asleep on your side, you may have put your own arm to sleep. Not anymore.

The design is simple, but it works.

The idea came exactly the way you think it might have, when a young inventor was cuddling his girlfriend. He cut out the foam from a pillow and hardened plastic in his oven, soon after he received a patent for his "Coodle."

Now the pair heads up Coodle, the company helping people sleep while keeping their limbs awake.

The pillow is made from high-quality US-made foam and the rest of the materials are also American made. It runs $65 and the website proclaims many more uses than just cuddling.

"Prop your head up with a Coodle while watching t.v. or using your electronic device. Take it camping or on your next road trip," they write on the website.

This pillow is bound to bring couples together, or at least help them stay cuddled together longer.

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