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Would You Cuddle With This Teddy Longlegs?

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Growing up, I'm sure most of us had a teddy bear that we would spend all of our time with. They're cute, cuddly, and meant to provide an overwhelming sense of comfort. But as it turns out, if you change one thing, and this loving companion can suddenly become really creepy.

People looking to order the Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear from Amazon have been surprised to receive a toy very different than what they had expected. The 6.5 foot tall bear is definitely the size that was promised, the only issue is where that height comes from.

The stuffed animals are starting a commotion online because of their freakishly long legs, which make up half the length of the bear.

The product description says the 18 lbs soft, silky giant just has more to love, its huge size offering more "huggability" than your average bear.

However, some people who have ordered the teddy are not happy, and have posted their hilarious realizations online as reviews.

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