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Curious Puppy Peeks Her Head Through, But Mom Panics When She Can't Get Out

According to Jasmine Williams, 4-month-old Jade is the 'good one.' Out of her siblings, this little lady is the least likely to get into mischief.

"She's the one where I know the other dogs have got into something because she'll come and jump on me and cuddle as if to say, "˜I had nothing to do with it,'" Williams informed The Dodo.

But, like all good streaks, Jade's mischief-free ways came to a surprising end when she found herself lodged between the spokes of an old car tire.

Williams' boyfriend, Rayshawn Campbell, was the one to find a very unhappy Jade and her doggy best friend supporting her on the other side of the tire.

Campbell called Williams as soon as he discovered that Jade was pretty much trapped between the spokes. Knowing how much Williams loved little Jade, he asked her to come outside, but prepared her for what she was about to see:

"He said, "˜I need you to come outside, but I need you not to freak out,'" Williams said. "And I'm like, "˜What's going on?'"

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When Williams walked outside, she took one look at poor Jade and asked her boyfriend how this happened.

He explained that the curious pup had been chasing a kitten when it hid in a spare tire.

Jade popped her head in to take a look for her new friend when it got stuck between the spokes. Williams took the day off and then set about trying to figure out how to get her silly puppy out of this jam.

What happened next was a frenzied game of telephone as Williams scrambled to find someone who could help her free the frightened puppy.

At first, she called the SPCA, who advised her to call the police station. But the police advised her to call 911, the emergency services operator couldn't do anything for her either though:

"When I called 911, the dispatcher was like, "˜A dog in a tire? We can't send anybody out for that,'" Williams said.

After driving to a local fire station in south Philadelphia, she was distraught when firefighters said they didn't have the tools to free little Jade.

"At this point, I'm going crazy on Google and I'm crying," Williams said. "And that's when I found a number to an emergency animal specialist, so I called them."

An hour later, Williams brought Jade to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic in Philadelphia where staff promised to find a solution.

Veterinary technician Jenny Davis tells The Dodo that little Jade was definitely in distress, it was obvious that she had been stuck for quite a while.

"Her eyes were all bloodshot "” she was just very tired from trying to get herself unstuck," said Davis.

Although Jade was exhausted, Williams made sure to bring along special moral support. Her sister, Freya, refused to leave little Jade's side throughout the whole ordeal.

"[Freya] was extremely exhausted, too," Davis said. "I think that she was actually staying with her sister to try and help her with moral support. They were really cute, both of them."

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After a thorough inspection, vets gave Jade a sedative and gently wriggled her free from the tire. When she woke, little Jade was elated to finally be rid of her heavy load and she happily handed out kisses to her rescuers.

After a few triumphant photos with her vet heroes, little Jade was ready to go home later that night. It didn't take long for her to get over the ordeal, within hours she was playing with her littermates once again.

"As soon as we got home, she jumped out of the car and ran into the house "” up and down the steps, playing with the other dogs," said Williams. "She was like back to her happy routine like nothing ever happened."

Freya was pretty happy for her sister and the two snuggled together peacefully at the end of a very long day!

Thank goodness puppies are resilient creatures! We're happy to see that little Jade is free at last!

[h/t The Dodo]