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Customer Complained About Vegan Restaurant, But How They Responded Left Us All Speechless

If you have any dietary restrictions, you know how tricky it can be to eat out. Gluten-free diet? You can't have the penne pasta, triple-stack burger, or Buffalo chicken wrap. Allergies to milk? You have to scan the entire ingredients list on the menu to make sure there's no cheese. Vegetarian or vegan? You'll have to ask the server approximately 10 questions before making your choice.

That's why V Rev Diner opened in Manchester, UK. The all-vegan restaurant offers a wide range of options for those who won't or can't eat animal products. The menu includes burgers, salad, "mac & cheez", and much more.

One diner wasn't happy about it, though.

V Revolution

After having eaten at the diner, the customer gave V Rev a scathing review on TripAdvisor. They complained there weren't enough food options, but not the way you're thinking.

The user claimed the restaurant was "vegan with no option for non vegan." In other words, they weren't being inclusive enough to people who don't follow a vegan diet.  

Here's what the dissatisfied diner wrote:

Metro UK

Requiring non-vegan food at a vegan restaurant seems like going to a Chinese restaurant and expecting to find Italian food on the menu, don't you think? Maybe they shouldn't have gone to a vegan restaurant if they didn't want to eat vegan food...

Luckily, V Rev Vegan Diner responded to the negative review on their Twitter page, and what they said was GOLDEN:



We want to know what you think! Is this customer right for complaining or do you think he should have gone to eat somewhere else?

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