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20 Animals Whose Eyes Are So Striking They Look Like They Might Be Able To See Into Your Soul

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As far back as human history goes, people have always been captivated by eyes. In many cultures, eyes are associated with intelligence, morality, consciousness, and truth.

These pictures won't reveal any of these animal's "hidden secrets," but it will captivate your attention for a few minutes.

This is REAL cat eyeliner.

Look at this adorable Australian Shepherd puppy with heterochromia.

This cat's eyes resemble the sky and the ground.

Is this what Hedwig, Harry Potter's owl, looks like?


The contrast between the white fur and the icy-blue eyes are incredible!

Some people say you should never look in the eyes of a cat, but how can you resist?

You see what I mean?

It doesn't matter if they only have one eye.

It's as if you can see the reflection of a clear blue sky in this dog's eyes.

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