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Woman Creates Makeup Brushes With Her Own Hair And People Have A Lot Of Feelings

five-minutecrafts - Instagram

I love a good hack, and I spend a huge chunk of my day finding clever ways to make the best use of things I already have lying around my home.

Social media sites are filled with DIY articles and videos that teach you a bunch of interesting things.

Instagram pages like Life Hacks and 5-Minute Crafts have a huge following, and for good reasons.

These pages taught me things like how to perfectly peel the skin of a tomato, create a kebab using a plastic bottle and a PVC pipe, and how to fold a bra properly.

They are all things I have never considered before, and while I don't always follow through with them, it's nice to have them in the back of my memory.

The thing is, certain hacks just seem to stand out, but sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

One recent beauty hack has gone viral, and people have a lot of feelings about it.

makeup brushes
Synthetic brushes are usually made from nylon or other synthetic fibers.Pexels

5-Minute Crafts posted a strange tutorial showing how to make a makeup brush out of your own hair.

In the video below, you can see a woman cutting a lock of her hair.

Then, she removes the eraser of a pencil, adds glue, and inserts her hair. She cuts off any excess to add fullness to the brush.

A Twitter user reposted the bizarre DIY, and it went viral, accumulating more than 15 million views and nearly 450,000 likes in just a few days.

Most people were appalled by tutorial.

"It's a no from me."

"Why though if you can't afford brushes go to the Dollar tree or use Q-tips or fingers it it what it is."

Some people actually thought it was a good idea, and are eager to try it.

"Oh my days, why have I never thought of this!?"

And one user saw this as a good business idea.

"I'm going to start doing this to make want makeup brushes with my hair."

In fact, natural hair makes great makeup brushes.

natural brush
Natural makeup brushes work much better than synthetic ones.Pxhere

Hair contains cuticles, which have great pick-up and blending properties, which is why they make great makeup brushes.

Many natural brushes out there are currently made with the fur of other animals, so perhaps to some, using one's own hair would be seen as more ethical.

[Source - five-minutecrafts]

Would you cut your own hair to create a makeup brush?

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