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Dad Has "No Shame" After Putting Daughter On A Leash

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As parents, taking your child somewhere in public can be stressful. Not only do you have errands to run, you also have to factor in potential meltdowns, the need for bathroom breaks, and keeping an eye on your kid at all times.

Clint Edwards knows this all too well.

The daddy blogger from Oregon took to social media after he was criticized for putting his 3-year-old daughter Aspen on a leash while at a local farmer's market.

Edwards, who runs a blog called "No Idea What I'm Doing," is a father of three kids. He says his own father left when he was just 9 years old, so everything he's doing as a dad is through trial and error.

One of those "trial and error" situations was taking his young daughter to a farmer's market. Edwards chose to put her on a leash, disguised as a backpack, to make sure she would not wander off unattended.

Now, child leashes are something I am familiar. I was a fairly rambunctious child who also enjoyed daydreaming and wandering. Not an ideal combination when in a busy place. So I, personally, have no problem with his decision.

However, parents online had other opinions. Many called Edwards lazy, irresponsible, and even a bad parent. But it's his response that really has people talking.

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