Dad Accuses Daughter's "Sexist" School Of Time Travelling

It's almost 2018, 97 years after the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote in United States, but believe it or not gender equality is still an issue women are fighting for every day.

Unfortunately, sexism is still very prevalent in our society and though it may go unnoticed, it is also alive and well in our schools. We see examples of it through textbooks and assignments, school officials that slut-shame female students, and ridiculous dress codes that punish girls for the way they dress in front of boys.

One parent had enough of this behavior at their child's school, and decided to address the issue. Stephen Callaghan recently wrote a letter to the school his daughter, Ruby, attends after she came home one day and seemed to have stepped out of a time machine.

Ruby, who is 12-years-old, had been looking forward to her class's end-of-year activities all semester long, but when the time finally came, she was told that the girls will be going to the school library to get their hair and makeup done. As for the the boys, they will get to embark on a field trip to a participate in a DIY workshop at Bunnings, a hardware store in Australia.

Both Ruby and Callaghan were disappointed to learn about the school's decision, so the appalled father took to social media to speak his mind.

"Sigh. Will things ever change? My daughter wants to be an engineer. She doesn't give a rat's arse about make-up," he wrote on Twitter.

Callaghan also penned a hilariously snarky, but honest letter to the school calling them out for being sexist.

"When Ruby left for school yesterday it was 2017 but when she returned home in the afternoon she was from 1968," the concerned father wrote in the letter.

"I know this to be the case as Ruby informed me that the 'girls' in Year 6 would be attending the school library to get their hair and make-up done on Monday afternoon while the 'boys' are going to Bunnings," he continued.

Callaghan's letter implied that the school had no reason to promote these types of gender stereotypes unless there has been "a rip in the space-time continuum" or "a faulty Flux Capacitor hidden away in the girls toilet block."

"I look forward to this being rectified and my daughter and other girls at the school being returned to this millennium where school activities are not divided sharply along gender lines," he concluded his letter.

While there is nothing wrong with girls attending a makeup and hair session or the boys visiting a hardware store, the issue here is the fact that the students weren't given a choice in what they wanted to do. The school officials just made the decision based on gender roles that people have been assigned by society.

The letter later circulated on Twitter and people replied to Callaghan praising him for his efforts in urging the school to rectify the problem. He once again sent out a tweet to express gratitude for all the support he's received.

"Ruby and I would like to thank you for the great comments of support," Callaghan wrote. "At 12 years of age my daughter is starting to notice there are plenty of people prepared to tell her what she can & can't do based solely on the fact she is female. She would like this to change. So would I."

In a world where it takes twice the effort for women's voices to be to heard, it is nice to see a man stand up against sexism. Hopefully Callaghan's efforts will not be futile, and the school will reconsider its decision.

What do you think of Callaghan's letter?

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