Dad Shows His Son The Value Of Hard Work In The Best Possible Way

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Most parents will agree on the fact that kids need chores.

As much as children might loathe doing them, they're crucial in teaching young people a sense of responsibility and grooms them for a future as good, caring and helpful adults.

While some kids have trouble staying on task, there are special ones who will gladly take up chores around the house without complaining.

Kolt Kyler is one of the kids who is always ready to lend a helping hand. When he isn't in school, the 9-year-old can be found helping his parents on with the family farm.  

"Kolt has been helping his dad on their farm for a couple years with their cows, but recently Kolt got two pigs to show for 4H (a youth development and mentoring organization) for the first time so he's had to work extra hard!," his sister Hannah Himes wrote in an email to ABC.

"He also made the travel baseball team again this year so he's been busy with regular season, travel team, farm chores, cub scouts, and he is also an honor roll student!" she added.

Kolt's hard work hadn't gone unnoticed. His parents decided to reward him in a big way and he definitely did not see it coming.

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