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Dad Teaches His Daughters How To Give Hotel Guests Nightmares

Being a parent is probably the most important job you can have because you have to teach your kids all the values and morals that a good person needs. You also need to teach them how to have fun.

Martin Hughes does a great job at teaching his twin 4-year-old girls how to have fun in the most devious way possible.

"As soon as we found out we were having identical twins I thought The Shining," he said, "As they've gotten older and we can travel and stay in hotels, it was a given that I'd get them to stand holding hands in the hallway for a joke."

The girls do their best to look like the spooky twins from the movie, but they might just be too adorable.

They are trying their best but they are really too young to get the joke according to their dad. But they have managed to startle a few other hotel guests before while their dad was taking their picture.

"I jokingly taught them 'come and play with us' not long ago and now they do it around the house while holding hands and standing still," he said (probably regretting his choices).

People reacted to the photos in different ways. Some people laughing at his parenting choices saying it's "parenting done right", while another said that its dangerous what he's doing that his kids could get hurt.

"Someone actually argued that demons are real and it'd legally be my fault if the girls were hurt when someone thought they were actual ghosts." He then said he would stand beside them dressed as Mr. Grady to protect them.

What do you think? Hopefully one day these girls will look back on this time with their dad and laugh!

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