Debate Raging Over Which Bathrooms Dads Should Take Their Daughters To

So when dad takes his four-year-old daughter to the mall for lunch and to shop for a gift for mom, what happens when she tells him she needs to pee?

If there are no family washrooms, dad has two choices. A) Take her to the men's bathroom with him or, B) Take her into the ladies' room.

One mom sparked a fierce debate about her husband's choice when taking their daughter to the bathroom.

Her husband decided to take their four-year-old daughter into the ladies room.

"I told him that women don't like it and he should take her to the men's loos. Am I being unreasonable or is he?" she asked.

So far the thread has over 500 comments and people's opinions are clearly divided.

There are some very strong opinions on both sides of the subject.

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One person took some serious offense at the idea of a man in a women's bathroom saying, "He is out of order. I do recall DH (darling husband) saying DD (darling daughter) needed to get used to going into the ladies by herself if he was out without me, as men's loos can be grim ... she was older than 4, though."

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One commenter suggested the father use the handicapped bathroom to take his daughter, which sparked a debate of its own.

"I've never ever seen a man in a ladies' toilet and it's not appropriate for them to be in there. They take their DDs in their toilets until they are old enough to go alone (or use the disabled). You don't see women taking boys into the men's because that's their correct toilet," another said.

There were equal comments about those in favor of the father taking his little girl to the women's bathrooms.

"It wouldn't bother me and it's probably much nicer for her than seeing/smelling men weeing at the urinals," one person wrote.


One user commented that the women's bathroom is more private than the men's thanks to the stalls.

"I wouldn't care if a man came into the ladies' with his daughter. We have single cubicles and it's not like you can see anyone on the toilet, unlike the men's where the little girl will see men using the urinals," she said.

One commenter shared some personal memories of going into the men's washroom with her dad as a child.

"I still have memories of being taken into men's loos as a child ... they are horrible. But mostly the memories are sound and smell as DF has his hands over my eyes for the majority of the time," she recalled.

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What are your thoughts on dad taking their daughters into public restrooms? Which one should they use? Share with us in the comments.

Source: Babble / Daily Mail