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Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back A Pair Of Classic 90s Treats

Just in time for the summer heat, Dairy Queen has granted not just one but two wishes that fans of the fast food chain have had for years. The company is bringing back a pair of their most popular '90s treats, and one is already available at a store near you.

If you're old enough to remember the Treatzza Pizza, you must be over the moon right now. If not, sit down before you read this description because it's just too good.

It's a dessert pizza, with a chocolate fudge cookie crust covered with DQ's vanilla soft-serve. You can pick your choice of toppings - Choco Brownie, Reese's, M&Ms or Heaths - and it's all topped off with chocolate drizzle.

The pizza is cut into 8 slices, so it's the perfect size for sharing (or not).

The chain is also bringing back their signature icy drink the Misty Slush (called Mr. Misty in the '80s and '90s).

The refreshing frozen drink comes in more flavors than the original, including Cherry, Blue-Raspberry, Grape, Strawberry-Kiwi and Lemon-Lime.

There's no word if the ice cream-topped Misty Float will also come back, but we sure hope so!

The Treatzza Pizza has already returned to Dairy Queen stores, but you'll have to wait until next month for the Misty Slush.

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