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A Couple Is Raffling Off Their $8.2 Million Mansion And It'll Only Cost You $17

Dancers Hill Mansion

Living in a mansion is one of those things that people dream about. They want to experience the luxurious lifestyle that the rich get to live, but it's something most of us will never actually do.

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you can make, but what if you could leave it all to fate? The only process worse than buying a house is selling one.

That's why Melanie and Nigel Walsh have decided to go for a completely different approach, one that will allow just about anyone to get their $8.2 million mansion for a mere $17.

That's right, they have decided that because the market is so bad, that it would be easier to create a contest than to find someone to actually purchase it. Especially because the fees associated with such a large house are ridiculously high.

"Not many people are willing to pay the 'Stamp Duty fee' that comes with such a large home," Melanie explained. "It could be up to 12% of the home value, but by entering our home in this contest, we can include the fees, so the person who wins won't have to pay it."

So instead of the regular sale, the couple has started "a competition" to find a new owner for the exceptionally large home.

Melanie and Nigel Walsh
Melanie Walsh

It costs $17 (13.5 pounds) and with that you will be entered in the draw for a stunning home in London that has a rich history.

The house itself was build in 1760, is approximately 7,500 square feet and sits on four acres of land. It features a lake that is about a half of an acre big and is fully stocked with fish.

There are six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, and also it has a modern kitchen,two lounges, and a study.

Not only that, but there is a gym, a wine room, and a cinema.

It's close to everything in London, being only 14 miles from the Marble Arch landmark.

The only catch to the entry is a skill testing question about British history, but don't worry, I'm sure you can get it.

The couple bought the house nearly 30 years ago when it was abandoned. Even though it was in a state of disrepair, it cost them $1.5 million.

"Because it was abandoned, when we first bought the home there were so many holes in the roof we had to sign our contract under umbrellas," Melanie said.

But they worked hard over the years and turned it into a true mansion. And now they just want someone to take over the enormous house and enjoy it. People are buying tickets like crazy, which makes sense because this type of opportunity doesn't come around that often!

"I couldn't tell you how many tickets have been bought so far," said Melanie. "But I know one person bought a total of 80 tickets at once."

Obviously moving to London would involve a lot of paperwork, but for an $8.2 million house? It might just be worth it. There are terms and conditions that you can read about on their FAQ page, but it still looks like a really awesome deal.

Are you going to enter the contest?

Source - CNN

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