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8 Popular 'Life Hacks' That Are More Dangerous Than Helpful

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5. Peeing on a jellyfish sting.

First, gross. Second, having been born on an island in the Atlantic Ocean I know first hand that this is utter horse doo-doo. Jellyfish stings deposit little nematocysts into your skin, these are capable of delivering more venom into your body when the salt content around them changes. Your pee does not have the same salt content as the ocean, making it more painful for yourself if you choose to pee on a sting. Try using the plentiful ocean water right beside you.  


6. Holding your bagels in old-school CD holders.

On the surface this looks like a great idea. The CD holder is the perfect size for a nice bagel sandwich, and it even has that nice little spindle in the middle to hold the food steady. But it isn't airtight, or even designed for such a purpose you could contaminate your food. CDs are also covered in certain chemicals and oils when you get them, which you are potentially transporting on to your food.


7. Microwaving your pizza with a glass of water.

Apparently if you microwave your leftover pizza with a glass of water in the microwave with it, it will "crisp" up your pizza so you can enjoy that first night crunch. What you have actually done is introduced a new source of moisture to the slice, which is in no way going to crisp it up for you. It will actually make it far more moist and doughy then if you had just done it on its own. If you want crisp leftover pizza, try a toaster-oven or just a regular oven set to broil.


8. Tension rod baby-gates.

Your child's safety is never something that should be "life hacked." Some parents have decided to take it upon themselves to create custom baby gates using tension rods that are supposed to be used for curtains. Here's the problem, those tension rods are not designed to take the weight or pressure that a reasonably sized child can bring to bear on them, which could cause some painful and dangerous accidents. Not only that, "life hacks" are supposed to make your life easier, why not just by the one-piece baby-gate and be done with it?

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